We possess the expertise and equipment required for all types of repairs, modifications and refurbishing of the following components:

  • Pumps and Transfer Cases
    Hale, Waterous, Darley, Snuffer and CET brand pumps
  • Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS)
    Foam Pro, Hale, Waterous, Darley and Snuffer brand compressed air foam systems
  • Reservoirs
    Replacement or repair of reservoirs by new reservoirs in polypropylene
  • 12-Volts Multiplex or Standard Electrical Systems
    All types of 12V emergency lights and accessories used in the industry, whether a traditional installation with relay box and switches, or an installation with Multiplex modules and LCD screen
  • 110-Volts Electrical Systems
    All types of 110V direct current systems, fixed or mobile generators, auto-ejects receptacles, chargers, compressors and air-ejects receptacles
  • Body Work and Paint
    All paint and body work on all types of vehicles and equipment
  • Refurbishing
    Refurbishing of all types of vehicles damaged by corrosion or wear
  • Repair of Accident-Damaged Vehicles
    Repair and refurbishing of all types of firefighting vehicles or equipment damaged due to an accident or an incident
  • Addition or Transfer of Equipment
    Addition or transfer of shelves, drawers, hand holds, footsteps, toolboxes, roll-up or conventional doors, supports, attachment, dump valves, hydraulic or electric ladders and portable tank supports, or of any other type of equipment requested by the client

All warranty-related questions should be sent to:
Telephone: 450 568-7020 (╔ric)
Fax: 450 568-3049