Platform Matador Ladders

MATADOR, our extra durable ladder trucks with a platform.

Designed for the most critical situations, the Matador series allows you to respond with a maximum amount of power and performance.

Rear-Mount Platforms:

  • 85ft in 3 sections, 101ft in 3 sections,
  • 104ft in 4 sections

“Smart Truck” System

The “Smart Truck” system lets you operate the ladder even when the stabilizers are not fully deployed. A programmable logic device allows for ladder extension while controlling the speed based on ladder elevation and stabilizer deployment.

In addition, an anticollision system eliminates the possibility of a collision on the vehicle and an automatic positioning system aligned and repositioned on its base facilitates the operator’s job.

Dura+, an exclusive coating for extreme durability

To give your next ladder or platform maximum protection against corrosion and oxidation, order Dura+, a hot-dipped galvanized coating, an exclusive, patent-pending process.

This unique feature protects the steel tubing inside and out. You’ll get a maintenance-free ladder with a durability that’s guaranteed for 25 years.

An option is available with the galvanized steel ladder painted.